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Cronvall is now eVarasto. The products are the same but through an online store!

Cronvall is a Finnish family-owned business in technical trade. We sell high quality steel materials and semi-finished steel products to construction and manufacturing industries. We also work in close co-operation with architects in steel facades. 


We manage and supply a diverse warehouse product portfolio. We also supply materials for custom-made project solutions. We act in close co-operation with architects and designers in bigger projects and help in finding suitable steel solutions such as building facades. We want to help our customers find suitable steel materials and sustainable steel solutions to any kind of manufacturing or construction target. 



Cronvall sells semi-finished steel and stainless steel products for the construction and manufacturing industries. Our clients range from small and medium sized to nation wide construction companies, metal workshops to installation service companies. We also serve different companies operating in the shipyard industry, process and food industries. Private businesses and consumers are reached via our extensive retail network that include nationwide hardware store chains as well as smaller, independent hardware shops. 



Our products come from the leading manufactures with factory facilities located in Europe and in Asia. Logistics and import include form countries like U.K, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Poland as well as China and India. 



Cronvall was founded by a business man J.E Cronvall in 1878 in Helsinki. It first provided roofing felts and materials for the Finnish construction industry but in 1930's it expanded its operations into importing other construction materials too. Having started from the capital, the sales network quickly grew until it covered the entire country by the 1950's. By the 1980's, Suomen Terästeollisuus, another major industry player had been bought and merged into Cronvall's operations thus making the mark as the major steel supplier in the country. During the following decades we grew more international and strengthen our competitiveness by expanding our manufacturing network globally. Today our company is a renown steel products supplier within the Finnish industry that keeps building its legacy for generations to come. 


Johan Edward Cronvall Perustaja 






Our founder Johan Edward Cronvall in 1878